2022-10-21 Credentials Meeting notes


Oct 21, 2022


  • @Edward Zarecor

  • @Glib Glugovskiy

  • @Roman Yeskov

  • @Michelle Philbrick



 Discussion topics










Status of work

@Glib Glugovskiy

  • Review of the scope for the implementation SOW

  • Review current ADRs and discuss the upcoming ADRs

  • There isn’t an estimate for the python library work yet, though that work won’t be blocked by credentials team capacity, so that may be the best place for us to start.


Optionally extending MFEs

@Edward Zarecor

  • We would like to develop the screens for sharing certificates into the learner record MFE, but do so in a way that they are optional to enable and only enabled in instances that are allowing the sharing of verifiable credentials.

  • There’s an intermediate option to develop this part of the MFE as separate library npm page and install it to enforce clear boundaries.

  • @David Joy (Deactivated) has done some design around MFE plugability, but we don’t know the current state of this work. @Adolfo Brandes may have also done some design and discovery about this.

  • We should take this design consideration to either Arch Interest or FE Working Group or both.

 Action items

@Glib Glugovskiy Need an estimate for the sign and verify library
@Glib Glugovskiy Discuss MFE extension options with FE Working Group or Arch Interest Group


  1. We will host the code for python sign-an-verify in the Open edX Github organization and offer it under Apache 2. We may eventually transfer that to the DCC team.