Arch Tea Time: 2020-06-04 (Thoughtworks Radar review)


  • Jeff has an a11y wishlist - communicate with you directly via slack or email

    • Examples

      • LMS video player enhancements

      • Audio description service integrations and enablement with our partners

      • Studio items

  • Workshop-based review of

    • Anything that stands out as possible things for edX to consider for ourselves?

      • Adopt of Remote pairing - apply to edX?

        • Can we set up an experiment to develop best practice for edX?

    • What do folks think about this form/tool as a means of visualizing decisions?

      • Nit: the term “Hold” doesn’t say, “don’t do” to me, it sounds like “Keep this thing”

      • Promoted a level of discovery

      • They may be cheating - with somethings starting in adopt without an assess state

      • There is a mish-mesh of categories: ML, service-mesh, etc


Notes from breakout room:

The radar has been looked at before, but nothing significant regarding radar before.

Use case for radar at edx:

  • It would be good to give details on things we’ve considered and what our thoughts was on it

Applying product management to internal platforms

  • This is done only in a limited way, and we do have a lot of things that haven fallen through the cracks over the years (e.g. devstack).

Pair programming:

  • Definitely support it and would push for wider use of it.

  • Someone needs to be a point person for it and they would figure out what to use

  • Would help in delegating knowledge

  • Possible method -> 2 people pairing together… With one person taking lead and the other person comes and goes based on their schedule

  • The person pairing would be responsible for writing docs for knowledge transfer

Legacy migration feature parity

  • As talk about studio split grows, we should be careful about this

Zero Trust Architecture

  • We probably already do some of this, but probably should go into this eventually

  • Not sure where this should be for things

Stuff Jeremy noted as interesting and/or useful: