Data Working Group


The Data Working Group is focused on

  • Advancing the data and analytics capabilities of the Open edX platform at all levels

  • Sharing data and analytics best-practices across the ecosystem

  • Ensuring that the Open edX platform has a batteries included analytics capability that is built-in

How to join us

All public Working Group meetings follow the

  1. Join our Slack Channel, #wg-data

  2. Join our monthly meeting

How we make decisions

By default, decisions are made by lazy consensus:

Lazy consensus means that when you are convinced that you know what the community would like to see happen, you can assume that you have consensus in favor of the proposed work and and get on with it. You don’t have to insist people discuss and/or approve your plan, and you certainly don’t need to call a vote to get approval. You just assume you have the community’s support unless someone says otherwise.

Lazy consensus works only if you communicate with enough advance notice, and with enough details that people who would object have the time and the necessary information to do so. Generally speaking, it’s better to over-communicate.

How to work on issues

The group is still getting started in terms of developing and prioritizing our backlog. We’re using Github projects for that.

  1. Our GitHub project board is here.


The process of selecting and replacing working group leaders is still to be formally decided. For now, election of new leaders is made by lazy consensus (see above).

Working group membership is not binary – we are not a political party. Instead, we value concrete contributions, such as bug reporting, fixing, release testing, documentation efforts, etc. Below we list people who made significant contributions to the past named releases.


  • @Brian Mesick (Axim)

  • @Jill Vogel (OpenCraft)


  • @Sofiane Bebert (Dicey Tech)

  • @Simon Chen (2U)

  • @Andy Shultz (Deactivated) (2U)

  • @Régis Behmo (

  • @Maria Fernanda Magallanes Z (eduNEXT)

  • @Andrés González (Aulas Neo)

  • @Igor Degtiarov (RaccoonGang)