Tutor Adoption Initiative


Goal: Drive adoption of Tutor as the unified, extensible, easy-to-use development environment for Open edX.

Project Board


  • @Régis B.: Overhang.IO ; Tutor Principal Maintainer

  • @Kyle McCormick: the Center for Reimagining Learning (tCRIL)

  • @Edward Zarecor: the Center for Reimagining Learning (tCRIL)

  • @Diana Huang: 2U Open Courses & Marketplace (aka edX)

  • @Rebecca Graber: 2U Open Courses & Marketplace (aka edX)


Task tracking

We will plan and track this initiative in GitHub.


Epics are represented as issues on the Open edX community roadmap. To see all epics for this project, filter the Effort attribute for "Tutor as DevStack" (linked in Overview section).

Epics are also copied into the project board as a filter-able attribute. Stories can be moved between epics by drag-and-drop or by editing the value of the “Epic” column (see drop-down in the bottom right):


We will propose, groom, prioritize, and track issues on the project board (linked in Overview section).

Un-groomed stories will start on the project board as issues in the 2u-tutor-adoption repository.

Once groomed, the issue may be moved to a more specific repository, for example:

  • overhangio/tutor for fixes/improvements needed in the core Tutor repo,

  • <org>/tutor-<plugin> for tasks relating to specific Tutor plugins,

  • openedx/devstack for devstack cleanup steps,

  • openedx/tcril-engineering for tCRIL-specific tasks,

  • etc.

If no appropriate repository exists, or the most appropriate issue repository has its issue tracking disabled, it is fine for the ticket to stay in 2u-tutor-adoption.


We will meet in this Google Meet room.

Meeting cadence: As-needed.


Requests for Tutor support go on the Tutor forums per the standard process. Can escalate on Slack if necessary.

Technical discussion can go on GH issues, PRs, or the forums.

Open edX Slack room for logistics (public): #tutor-adoption


Meeting notes, retros, and other documents will be put here:

Other docs: