[CLOSED] FC-0003 - Modular Learning Initiative

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@Jenna Makowski

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Early 2023



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Work is currently underway to create comprehensive Product Requirement Documentation that clarifies the scope of new functionality to support modular, unstructured learning sequence authoring and delivery.

Milestone deliverables will be shared in this space. They will also be cross-posted in the Open edX Product Management wiki.

Big picture goals/impact/context of initiative (no particular order):


What is/are the goal(s) of this first phase of work?

(Phase 1): To deliver product/feature requirement documentation that defines and clarifies the scope, approach, impact and goals of the ALU project, in order to guide and support technical discovery work, implementation and delivery (which would be be phase 2)

eg by the end of this phase of work, we would want to be able to say something like: an author would be able to do XYZ - build, tag, sequence, etc, ie articulate the full range of functionality expected and clearly define the intended outcome