2023-02-09 Maintainers' Meeting notes


Feb 9, 2023


  • @Edward Zarecor



 Discussion topics










Round robin


  • @Adolfo Brandes is working on frontend-app-template

  • For Javascript most repos have renovate turned on, @Adolfo Brandes doesn’t think we need to open this conversation back up.

  • @Feanil Patel

    • Working on a couple repos with egregious maintenance issues

    • Handed off drag and drop v2.

    • Ramping up on the XBlock repos, ticketed work on the board.

    • Has been experimenting with Dependabot for PRs for dependency updates.

      • Pip compile is supported. @Jeremy Bowman (Deactivated) mentions that order of input files matters as we have dependencies between dependency files.

  • @Michelle Philbrick

    • Product reviewers have issues doing product reviews. Specifically in cases when there are multiple PRs across multiple repos.

  • @Jeremy Ristau

    • Infinity is starting to work on phase 1 items

    • Thanks to @Feanil Patel for creating the issues in the individual repos

  • @Jeremy Bowman (Deactivated)

    • Working a proposals for large upgrade projects, e.g., Django upgrades.

    • Board proposal for tracking this work that he would like to present

  • @Maria Grimaldi

    • Main focus on closing open PRs

    • Continuing to work on documentation

    • Wants to try CODEOWERS

  • @Régis Behmo

  • @Kelly Buchanan

    • Automated minor and patch upgrades. Can we have a tiny RCA for potential breakage caused by automerge. One example was a Paragon v20 upgrade that was ~breaking. Profile broke as a result. Most team pinned the footer until they could do an update. Discussion Here .

  • @Felipe Montoya no additional updates beyond what Maria said.

Follow up on new summary page

@Edward Zarecor


[Inform] Pilot project management

@Edward Zarecor

  • @Gabriel D'Amours will join to help with project management work around rolling out maintainership.


[inform] Draft docs for major upgrades and maintenance task tracking

@Jeremy Bowman (Deactivated)


Maintenance tickets

@Feanil Patel

If you would benefit from having GitHub issues for the maintenance work, Feanil has push them onto your boards. He’ll do this when requested, pull, not push process.

 Action items

@Feanil Patel Will post the URL to the whiteboard in Gather.
@Feanil Patel and @Adolfo Brandes We need to document the standard for requirements bots for JavaScript repos.
@Edward Zarecor will schedule pre-RCA for auto updates to provide guidance for maintainers.


Renovate has been the de facto standard for managing JavaScript dependencies. We see no reason to change that, but we will document it so it is clear for maintainers.