2022-11-17 Maintainers Meeting notes


Nov 17, 2022


  • @Edward Zarecor

  • @Ned Batchelder (Deactivated)

  • @Sarina Canelake

  • @Ali Akbar



 Discussion topics









Review goals of Phase 2


Modest proposals


  • Clean-up of old PRs as pre-work for Phase 2

  • Let’s make more use of Draft PRs

    • WIP should always be draft

      • Unless otherwise specified, draft means that no one should take a look yet.

    • Any PRs that are open and useful and older than 100 days should be moved to Draft, others should be closed

      • Depends up what state they really are in:

        • Actually in review, no change

        • Waiting for review, no change

        • Should be Draft, change to Draft

        • Abandoned, Close

        • We need some specific examples of difficult cases – Ed hopes that for officially maintained repos we’ll be in decent shape.

    • Any PR that’s older than 200 days should be closed – even drafts.

      • Authors can always re-open

      • Our text should mention that when we close it.

    • For someone who is managing a draft PR, they are responsible for managing early feedback with the appropriate reviewers.

  • PMs can help here making sure that Drafts are appropriately marked.

  • We need to be generally disciplined use of labels, states, etc so that we might report consistently.

    • Can we add a bot comment that reviewers can add to a comment that makes the author primarily responsible for the next action.


Review Dashboard


  • Purpose is to help maintainers track work across multiple repos

  • To highlight performance against SLAs

  • To make identifying the most urgent work easy

 Action items