MWG Meeting July 12, 2023

External conferences

Goal: Attend 1 per quarter

LWMOOCs - small booth (can be present at the booth, don’t have to pay)

No need to sponsor, join Open edX booth

  • Esteban will have a poster on panorama and will be there with his team

  • Eden will have a booth set up and others can join at the booth

  • Deadline (conference is October) is end of August


Anyone want to co-sponsor?

Educause: Eden talks to Ed about the budget, will determine booth size/location. 

Deadline is end of July for co-sponsorship. 

Cecilia stresses getting a good booth, relative to others, takes investment

$1500 per person for visitors!

Participants are IT personnel from Universities (IT in general, not just MOOCs)

Potentially interested co-sponsor but needs own marketing presence, having own

marketing materials


Open edX meet up

Generative AI with 2 Axim employees, new CTO Philip Smith

Pres on UN Ed program on environmental sustainable


Next Open edX conference

Found big university in South Africa in the fall (their spring).  Their commitment is somewhat in question (good pt. From Esteban).  Ed will call the University tomorrow and will inform Eden afterwards.

Need to gauge response to this proposed location, etc.

Most people need to get a visa (sooner than later).  Esteban: visa may not be necessary

Timeframe during vacation in SA.  Want to attract non-users so need to know soon.

Looked at Paris but nothing under $100k.  Barcelona also considered but fell through.

Cecilia: what are the considerations?

Eden says:

  • Univ to devote space, classes, equipment, etc. for duration of 4 day conference

  • Open edX manages catering, banners, marketing and bring attendees and manage ticketing

  • Open edX NOT a requirement 

Always looking for proposals (universities, etc.)!  Anyone?


John launching the survey - complete it! - The Open edX DemoX Course - Community Input


There was a blog post for the recent eMOOCs event


Douglas presented an outline of the strategic brainstorming effort recently completed by members of the OpenCraft team.  The google doc is available for sharing with the community.  Comments, input is welcome!  Perhaps can lead to a wider brainstorming effort with specific resulting action items.

Douglas also to rework his customer survey for sharing with the MWG for use more generally (conferences, etc.)


Dedicated marketing page for MWG on Open edX website

Community tab with working group tab

Separate, dedicated MWG page

Located under the community page

Inputs are welcome!


Redesign the default platform footer

All Open edX sites should have a footer

Design coming


Demonstrate the impact of Open edX by highlighting success storiesl

Edly is working with the product working group on this.


How to Series

Already launched on YouTube.

New series proposed - Open edX instruction for site operators being considered to increase usage, including how to create an instance, etc.

Before doing this new one, we need to fiirst see what has been the impact of earlier content to determine if it is worth continuing.

Discussion of videos.

If proposals to change, let Eden know.