2023-05-03 Marketing WG


May 3, 2023

Link to the Agenda in GitHub: https://github.com/orgs/openedx/projects/49/views/1?pane=issue&itemId=26199751

 Topics discussed









10 minutes

How to video series


  • We will be soon publishing the videos produced in Boston.

Questions and comments

  • How product updates will be handled? What happens when a video gets outdated?

    • We foresee to update them yearly

  • Can we request the RAW files to facilitate editing?

5 minutes

Announcing the upcoming meetup


  • Every service provider is invited to register for free

  • Every service provider is invited to help to promote event


OKR Strategy + Budget planning



  • We need to target the priorities of the MWG tasks/goals in 2023 and budget them.

  • The fiscal year starts in July, the deadline to share the budget we will probably need for realizing the tasks is on Monday 9th of May.

  • Everybody should add a number as rough budget estimation into the spreadsheet until Monday latest: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10Ju_m1DgERpvfYaFrW7bu5XMU402UqVseCr7IRKBtzw/edit#gid=0

  • Ideas/Items can be added still until Monday 9th of May. All Items should target the increase of the product brand awareness.

Discussed Items

  • Backlink strategy - Natalia & Angie

  • SEO strategy enhancement - Edly?

  • Wikipedia page for Open edX - Esteban + Nicole

  • Every Partner adds an “Why Open edX page” to their website - Every Provider/Partner

  • Social Media Strategy - Ana & Eden

  • Monitor and analyze competitor strategies - Cecilia & Faqir

  • Social impact strategy - Cecilia & Eden

Everybody is invited to enter his name to at least one project/item and the planned budget.

[To Be Continued]




A separate meeting will be scheduled by Eden.


Evaluation of using GitHub Projects


Exchange of impressions and opinions for using GitHub projects

Sarina sent out an email to every service provider in order to share the GitHub user information.

The general Mood is fine with using GitHub Projects now.


  • We will use GitHub Projects from now on for the MWG tasks and agendas.

  • Let’s write the Meeting notes in GitHub projects as well.