Open Managed Group Type

The current Team Groups configuration allows authors to select one of three types of team groups.

  • Open: Learners can create, join, leave, and see other teams.

  • Public managed: Only course staff can control teams and memberships. Learners can see other teams.

  • Private managed: Only course staff can control teams, memberships, and see other teams

This options are available at the “pages and resources” section of the course in studio.

This settings govern if students get to see the existence of the teams, can create teams or can join teams in their LMS Teams tab.

example of a team group type where students can leave on their own (open)


The enhancement here would be to add a fourth option type: Open Managed. The conditions for this group are that students are free to join or leave, but creation of teams is restricted to course staff only.


Technical approach

For the new team type to work the following changes are necessary:

  1. Add a new option to the course-authoring MFE for this new team type with the corresponding descriptions:

  1. Allow instructors to create Open Managed teams, and block students from doing so:


  2. Allow students to see other Open Managed teams, similar to Open teams:

  3. Allow students to join Open Managed teams:

  4. Allow students to leave Open Managed teams:

Detailed technical changes

The necessary changes have been explored in the following PRs:

  1. Changes in the backend:

    1. Register the new open_managed team.

    2. Count the open_managed teams as part of the public teams.

    3. Update the API to register open_managed as a valid team type.

    4. Separate the Instructor Managed Team logic from the Can Join Team logic.

  2. Changes to the frontend:

    1. Register the new open managed type and add text descriptions.