Archive: Future of DevX Working Group


Where we started (late 2022)


  • Keep improving Tutor

  • Maintenance / quick-wins for Devstack

  • Investigate other dev tooling options (e.g. DevSpace)

  • Platform-level ops improvements (static assets, config, dependencies, etc)


  • Kyle (Axim) full-time

  • Becca and several 2U other engineers

  • Various engineers from community orgs

Where we are (early 2024)


  • Keep improving Tutor, iron out any remaining blockers for former Devstack users

  • Keep Devstack working

  • Investigate other dev tooling options (e.g. DevSpace)

    • Jeremy B has left 2U

    • Lots of work to move over to something like DevSpace

    • Don’t have the resources to keep moving on this

  • Continue platform-level ops improvements

  • Developer data

  • PR sandboxes


  • Kyle (Axim) part-time

  • A couple 2U engineers

    • Becca has let 2U

  • Volunteers from a few community orgs

  • Adjacent to DevX:

    • Open edX Maintainers

    • Tutor Maintainers

Where we’re going (2024 and beyond) - Kyle’s proposal

No objections – we will do this


  • Converge on Tutor; make it the official dev environment

  • Support Tutor users and plugin developers

  • Devstack – Either DEPR it or just KTLO (“keep the lights on”). Don’t invest more into it.

    • RG uses Devstack, is trying to move to Tutor

      • MFE dev is still harder

        • Developing MFEs in Docker doesn’t seem slow so far for RG

      • Ecomm and credentials – not supported for local dev?

        • Max opened a PR

  • Platform-level ops improvements

    • Static assets - Kyle


  • Dev Data?

    • Diana would like to add some dev data to edx-platform

      • She’ll share out PRs for other to use as templates

  • end-to-end local testing

    • Max will link here:



  • Dissolve DevX WG

  • Transitions:

    • Devstack maintenance → 2U

    • Tutor core+plugin maintenance and improvements → Tutor Maintainers

    • Helping Tutor users and plugin devs → A new bi-weekly “Tutor Users Group

    • Platform simplification → Relevant Open edX repo maintainers and/or “Maintence WG”

    • Dev Data → 2U and/or Open edX repo maintainers and/or DevOps WG

Notes, other proposals