2024-04-03 Data WG Meeting Notes


April 3, 2024

Reminder: Start the recording!

Meeting recording: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-eJ_RbBBWRAO_aojR7CwhHOg6T10PgbT/view?usp=sharing


  •  @Chelsea Rathbun

  • @Igor Degtiarov

  • @Brian Mesick

  • @Andrés Sebastián Espinel Reyna

  • @Eden Bahalul

  • @Kelly Buchanan

  • @Vladimir Susloparov

  • Wilfried Baradat

  • Adi

 Discussion topics









5 min

Move this meeting to monthly?

@Chelsea Rathbun

As mentioned in Slack, our attendance for this working group is down, so how does the group feel about moving this WG meeting to monthly by removing the early meetings from the calendar? Any opposition?

 20 min

Overview of the Course Dashboard in it’s current state

@Chelsea Rathbun

  • Current dashboard walkthrough

  • Summary of the usability feedback we’ve collected

  • Interesting discussion about completions/progress % being added to the course dashboard/individual learner dashboard

10 min

Time on task and other data-related work being done by Raccoon Gang

@Igor Degtiarov

  • Status update on change in roles working on this work; but will continue to update us on plugins being developed for Aspects

20 min

Aspects pipeline performance

@Brian Mesick

A benchmark of tests have been run on the various ways to get xAPI to ClickHouse (Celery, Vector, Redis bus, Kafka bus). I’ll take a quick spin through the results and discuss the findings so far.





 Action items


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