Extending edX Platform

This table summarizes the types of extensions that are currently supported by the edX Platform:

Extension TypeDescriptionCurrent Support
Courseware component typesUse XBlocks to create new types of components that can be included in a course.XBlocks documentation
External gradersHost an external grader separately from the edX platform.External Graders
LTI applicationsAdd external learning applications or digital textbooks.Open edX LTI documentation
Custom problem typesAdd a new type of problem by including custom JavaScript.Custom JavaScript Applications
LMS course tabsShows a new tab to the user when they are viewing a course.Adding a new course tab
Studio/LMS pageAdd a new page to Studio or the LMS. Note that this currently requires making changes directly into the edX platform.How to add a new page to LMS or Studio
User partition schemesAdd a new scheme that will partition users into one of a set of groups./wiki/spaces/PT/pages/11927648