Open edX Architecture Course

Let's use this time to work together on creating the materials we need to onboard developers and provide the necessary reference material to develop on our platform.



  • Onboarding
    • Onboarding new developers (internal and external)
    • Onboarding current developers - to new areas - reference material
    • A more approachable structure/direction than the current Onboarding wiki
  • Dogfooding our product(s)!
  • Keep up-to-date and maintainable
  • Refine OEP-19 (Dev Doc) based on actually practicing
  • Open edX
    • Keep the content generic (for Open edX), but call out edX-cohort-specific details.
  • Content
    • Current and future architecture state.
    • Without overloading with too much information.
    • Main content + "aside" with further detail
    • Assessments - for some things - not necessarily all


  • Not duplicating documentation
  • No videos - since hard to maintain and update.


  • edX employees (only if private info is required)
  • developers
  • non-developers

Meeting Notes