Observability Backlog and Notes

SRE generally owns Observability, but I, @Robert Raposa, have been championing this effort. This page provides a home for me to document a backlog until and if the time comes to roll this work into SRE, or eSREs, or other groups.


These tickets should be reviewed to see what should be closed as won’t do, even if just for now.

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Backlog Ideas

Tasks marked with “SRE Support” come from SRE Support (Data Analysis). This list needs prioritization!

Organize Hnycon (Honeycomb) Notes

  • Discuss with New Relic

    • Demo of trace of deployment

    • Demo of SLO burn and error budgets

    • Discussed overall on-call vs on-call for change (i.e. different notification channels).

    • HAVING clause (new feature)

  • Book recommendations

    • Multipliers

    • Team Topologies (Nimisha may have page)

  • Other notes

    • Observability vs APM

      • Honeycomb is clear on this. Are we?

    • Recommendation to fix missing spans. Traces should be complete.

      • How and when are we using spans?

    • End-to-end user SLOs

Additional Resources