Product Working Group Organization

What are we doing?

The Product Working is likely to be more effective with a “divide and conquer” approach to the platform. The platform is too large and bulky to be managed by one working group alone. We propose creating an ecosystem of product subgroups. Each subgroup would be responsible for one primary area of the platform, and led by domain experts.


What would the primary responsibilities of each subgroup be?


How would the subgroups be structured?

Each subgroup would have one lead and one co-lead, and anyone interested in that area/with domain expertise in that area would be encouraged to join.


How would the subgroups coordinate with each other?

We would need to establish a regular touchpoint/ritual between all subgroup leads. Maybe this takes the place of the current Product Working Group meeting, although we could probably reduce those meetings to once per month. Those monthly touchpoints might consist of: Each subgroup lead doing a read-out, and open time for coordination where projects overlap. We’d have to feel this out and make adjustments as we need to.


How are the subgroups chosen?

Based on a combination of: Input from the working group at the 2023 planning session; evolution of the product strategy; areas of active investment from Axim.


What are the groups?