Subgroup: Campus/Residential Learning



The goal for this focus group is to define the delta between where Open edX is today and where it should be to be considered a viable platform for serving matriculated learners and credit-bearing programs.

Incremental deliverables will be nested below for circulating, feedback and evolution.

Idea for this focus group inspired by two similar projects currently underway:

  •  Project at ASU - Mastercard funded initiative with the Ethiopian Ministry of Education to use Open edX as an campuswide LMS solution for 50 universities

  • Project with the Spanish Consortium - a grant from the EU to enhance Open edX for use as an on-campus LMS solution

Goals for the Focus Group:

  • Create a shared list of features and functionality required to make Open edX a viable solution for on-campus/blended use cases

  • Inform a vision/strategy for Open edX to serve this particular use case

  • Enable tCRL to identify and mitigate situations where partners are undertaking the same or similar projects in silos, or duplicating work unnecessarily

  • Inform prioritization of work/initiatives specific to this use case

  • Identify opportunities to co-create or agree on common interfaces/approaches

  • Function as a podium to generate funding for projects

  • Open question: How does this focus group work/support/align with the Community Product Working Group?


  • Strategic Product Concept Note/Brief

  • Shared list of features

  • Prioritization input



Area of Ownership

All features that support the "on campus" learning experience.

Active Focus

Current Initiatives

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Slack Channel: #wg-product-campus

Meeting: 11 AM ET (Monthly on the third Friday)



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