2023-05-22 Educator WG


Monday, May 22, 1pm EDT / 5PM UTC

Recording: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HGb9Bxx_fFSHdrF9htmIhdSJuxQUU5QT/view?usp=sharing


  • Review Working Group Charter

  • Product Roadmap for Educators & Course Creators

    • Product Roadmap Group

      • Last year was about wrangling and organizing all the various initiatives happening across the community.

      • This coming year will be identifying areas of strategic investment and strategic development.

    • Visual problem editor

    • Copy/paste in course outline [5 mins]

      • Copy-Paste editor allows you to easy copy content from one part of your platform (within the same course or across different courses) and paste it elsewhere in the course.

      • Starting with the ability to copy components, and will eventually add units, subsections, sections.

      • Status: In development; Anticipated live for edx.org in summer 2023, coming in “q”

      • Learn more:

    • Content tagging and taxonomy management [5 mins]

      • Status: In design; Anticipated live for edx.org in Q4 2023, coming in “r”

      • Learn more:

    • The Product Wiki

      • Link:

      • The product wiki is where the community can follow new product developments from design through implementation, and also get involved with the teams that are building them.

      • The specific “process” for joining these projects is flexible, so reach out to the teams running them.

      • You can “follow” certain topics in the wiki by “watching” a page or collection of pages:


      • Relationship to the Product Roadmap board in Github

        • Product roadmap link:

        • Github tasks are created when more specific work get tasked from a project. Product wiki is an umbrella space and provides context for more specific github tasks.

        • Commenting on a github ticket or issue

  • Testing update and documentation introduction

    • A call for volunteers to be co-organizers for a documentation project was put out.

      • Julie Mullen volunteered to co-organize.

      • Jesper Frant volunteered to help support documentation as volunteer.

  • Asynchronous Agenda Items

    • Product Roadmap Input:

      • @Jenna Makowski asked the #wg-educators working group for feedback on how we can make the assessment capabilities of the Open edX platform better?

      • Link to jamboard:

    • The next brownbag

      • A vote for the next brownbag will occur in Slack

Action Items

@Jenna Makowski to review the Confluence wiki permissions to see if normal users can follow Product Planning Pages - DONE

@wg-educators to review the Assessment Capabilities jamboard and provide feedback.

@John Swope to put out a call for documentation co-organizers - DONE

@John Swope will post a survey about the next brownbag session - DONE