2023-06-21 Translation WG Meeting


Jun 21, 2023


  • @Ghassan Maslamani

  • @Eden Huthmacher

  • @Omar Al-Ithawi

  • @Pedro Cabral

  • @Cecilia Liu

  • @Gabriel D'Amours

  • @Alexandra Nabokina

  • @Ilaria Botti

  • @Ana Garcia

  • @Julia Peixoto


String Completion

Updates on string completion as of 20.06.23

French (ca): 100% translated; 99% reviewed (Pierre, Gabriel)

Spanish (es-419): 100% translated; 99% reviewed (Esteban, Jesica, Ana)

Spanish (Spain): 100% translated; 99% reviewed (Jesica, Ana)

Mandarin: 100% translated; 99% reviewed (Cecilia)

Italian: 100% translated; 99% reviewed (Ilaria, Stefania)

Arabic (ar): 100% translated; 97% reviewed (Ghassan, Abderraouf)

German: 100% translated; 97% reviewed (Eden, Nicole)

Turkish 100% translated; 97% reviewed (Ali I.)

Portuguese(pt_PT): 100% translated; 96% reviewed (Pedro, Ivo) -no MT used

Russian: 100% translated; 96% reviewed (RG team)

Ukrainian: 100% translated; 94% reviewed (Peter) - need 1 more

Hindi: 100% translated; 90% reviewed- (Pooja, Sujit)

Portuguese (pt_BR): 100% translated; 56% reviewed (Julia P.)

Greek 100% translated; 55% reviewed (Dimitrius)

Thai: 89% translated; 50% reviewed - (Dean & Summer)

Estonian 8% translated; 0% reviewed - (Alexandra N.)

 Discussion topics












String completion:

Alxendra: Update regarding Estonian; Currently there are no active translatros for Estonias, so might need to pause it.

Alexandra: There are translators/reviwer for Danish
Eden: Keep up updated, so I activate machine translation.

Correct pt to pt_PT

Support of indonesian

10 min



LexiQA will be integrated in our edx-platform project in TX to test for three months with defined JS and Python parameters, which will prevent variable definition errors and false positive results.

30 min

Jam Board: https://jamboard.google.com/d/1G-mtliHhhjXjm2AO6hyuwWplRsWS7oL092NS7vGrMrw/viewer?f=0


  • Review board https://github.com/orgs/openedx/projects/50/views/2

    General outlines

    Translation context

  • 3 cards are realted to missing translation instutrciosn/string description.

  • It would be helpful to create map between transltion resources => to UX/UI, (Translator would use it as a refence to know what part of the platform crosspond to what resouce in TX )

    Unusual terms

  • Google somtimes fails to translate them

  • Term that are very spesfic to Open edX, can be challanging to translate. an example is Course Run

    To mititgate challenging terms

  • Wikipeida can be used to check what a spesfic term is used in different langauge.

  • Glossary can be helpful, so translatros could refer to them per langauge. so that the term translation can be consistant around the paltform

10 min

PSA regarding OEP-58:

@Omar Al-Ithawi

Omar did a big hack sync for thee sample languages ar,fr_CA,de in order to start testing the openedx-translations, which involved the following:

  • Download all relevant translations from the edx-platform and xblocks Transifex project

  • Upload all the resource translations into openedx-translations Transifex project

  • Mark all as reviewed

When the OEP-58 is finalized, we can start over with empty translations or make another sync depending on the #wg-translations recommendation.Related scripts: https://github.com/Zeit-Labs/openedx-transifex-one-time-sync/

5 min

Open edX Meetup: https://june-meetup23.eventbrite.com


Open edX platform for on-campus use, data security too, meet Axim’s new CEO

5 min

Open Q&A


Any questions/comments that the group may have

 Action items