• Checked out latest master of repo-tools

  • make install

  • Ned added Adolfo to the community-release-managers team on both the openedx and edx orgs

  • Double-checked that important issues with a Nutmeg.2 milestone had been addressed: we could find no critical ones.

  • Made test branches via (using Regis' new --output-repos parameter):

  • tag_release --doit --branch --skip-invalid --output-repos repos.json --search-branch open-release/nutmeg.master --override-ref open-release/nutmeg.master arbrandes/test/n.2rc1.1
  • We discussed doing something about Transifex (Step 3 in the instructions), but didn’t have enough information to do anything about it.

  • We discussed running through the installation and actually testing the release, but we just don’t know what the process should actually be now that Tutor is where the tests should happen. (We’re assuming Tutor will be able to patch any issues independently.)

  • Tagged the release via:

  • tag_release --doit --tag --skip-invalid --input-repos repos.json --search-branch open-release/nutmeg.master --override-ref arbrandes/test/n.2rc1.1 open-release/nutmeg.2
  • Deleted the test branch via:

  • tag_release --doit --branch --skip-invalid --input-repos repos.json --reverse arbrandes/test/n.2rc1.1
  • Removed Adolfo from community-release-managers teams

Release instructions still mention Native installation. Fix that.
Update the release instructions for transifex.