Large Instances Meeting Notes 2023-05-16


@Felipe Montoya taking notes. @Braden MacDonald chairs the meeting.


Agenda for today:

  • Assign scribe role, and meeting lead. Greetings & introductions as needed.

  • Regis present Tutor v16

  • Review the harmony issues and assign anything un-assigned

  • Check in with 2U


1. Regis presents the innovations for tutor v16 (palm)

2. Harmony Project Status

  • New bug report issue#35. Support for Google Kubernetes Engine. @Braden MacDonald volunteer as assignee

  • New issue on helm chart testing

  • PR#36 opened by @Jhony Avella it will allow the project to use github pages to host the charts. @Felipe Montoya volunteer as assignee.

  • Issue#28 will be discussed in the next point of the agenda

  • Issue#26 several teams continue testing towards production. Edunext is replacing the components in one small cluster with no live traffic. A second install for a cluster with live traffic will go after the testing is finished. Opencraft is near installing in their clusters as well.

  • pull#31: the second pass is ready for review. Maksim requests help from someone with experience in hosting opensearch clusters. @Gábor Boros has some experience and @Maksim Sokolskiy will tag him in the correct place in the discussion. Security related.

    • Braden: do we have a pattern for adding passwords for services like opensearch, mysql, redis?

    • Maksim: we have used secrets for this and it seems to be working well.

    • Maksim: some refactoring was required for unification in between opensearch and elastic. Review requested. @Moisés González will review. Differences between opensearch and elastic are large and run across many different interfaces.

  • Issue#3. @Felipe Montoya will split the issue into two.


3. Checkin with 2U.

  • Ansible is out of the devstack.

  • There is progress in moving to k8s. Studio is one of the next candidates.

  • Moving the LMS would require that codejail is moved in a separate service. 2U will analyze if the current version is sufficient or changes are needed.

  • Moises: Can Jeremy share some experience in the move? Mostly an issue of prioritizing and not forgetting stuff, which always happens to some degree.


4. Final notes

  • @Jhony Avella: tutor is still running on mongo 4.2 which ran out of support recently.

  • @Jeremy Bowman arbibom is working on the code changes to support the upgrade. Some issues on the edx implementation are being worked on. Tutor work will still be needed.

  • @Jhony Avella will take it to the BTR with @Jorge Londoño