Large Instances Meeting Notes 2024-03-05

Assign meeting lead and note taker.

@Felipe Montoya & @Braden MacDonald

Greetings & introductions as needed.

Updates from each org on the call

What's new with your deployment(s)?

eduNEXT - interested in Meilisearch. @Jhony Avella is reviewing a PR. @Moisés González has been nominated as a maintainer of the codejail repositories.

OpenCraft - @Gábor Boros - this sprint we are starting the work to convert our “Grove” hosting manager to use Harmony. Starting with the tutor plugin, then next the cert manager and pieces like that. This work will take several sprints.

Raccoon Gang and 2U - not present today.

Discussions 1

At this point, there was an extended discussion about the pros and cons of using encryption/TLS for communication within the cluster, e.g. between containers and for database services. Generally it seems the hosting providers on the call do it when it’s easy, e.g. with RDS, but it’s often a pain and seems more trouble than it’s worth.

@Cristhian Garcia provided an update about integrating Aspects into Kubernetes deployments. It seems like Ralph has unique autoscaling requirements that may be challenging for deployment (it need to scale based on our custom metrics like the the amount of requests per second).

Harmony project updates

Review list of PRs and issues, and assign anything un-assigned.

The PR to support Quince / Tutor > 17 is in progress, got some activity this morning.

Meilisearch Discussion

Meilisearch is looking like a more compelling replacement for ElasticSearch than OpenSearch. But there are some pros and cons. The big con is that it has no high availability mode. eduNEXT is offering to test the WIP tutor plugin and reindex command, by pushing them to their limit with huge amounts of courses and search requests. This will help us learn more about its stability and operational characteristics.

@Braden MacDonald clarified that the PR linked above ^ has been updated to index both courses (in Studio) and libraries. If the libraries part is commented out, it should work on almost any recent version of Open edX, but the libraries part probably depends on a recent master build.

@Moisés González pointed out that many of the learner facing MFEs seem to be lacking a search tool that’s present in the legacy UI. He also pointed out that eduNEXT is currently mostly not using HA deployments of elasticsearch.