Large Instances Meeting Notes 2023-09-05

Meeting video:

Updates from each org on the call. What's new with your deployment(s)?


  • Researched MySQL HA options to run inside Kubernetes. @Jhony Avella will create an issue to open the conversation on this topic in the Harmony Project

  • Experienced problems hosting ClickHouse in Kubernetes because of the amount of resources it consumes. An external machine running the service was implemented as a workaround, however, other options like using a ClickHouse cloud service could be considered.

  • @Jhony Avella worked on fixing issues related to infrastructure creation on Harmony PR 41. He will work on the Karpenter implementation through Helm.


  • Worked in a container runtime comparison to drop docker-desktop.

  • Exploring Kompose as an option to bring developer environments to Kubernetes. 


  • Worked on Grafana dashboards for monitoring.

  • @Gábor Boros already provided feedback on the PR 41 in harmony. Some comments are still pending to be addressed.

  • There’s no ETA for the assessment to determine if the Harmony project could be used in production installations.


  • Working on running ClickHouse and superset in Kubernetes.

  • Analyzing alternatives to deploy production OpenedX instances with minimum resources. Some options include the classic Kubernetes Local installation and Kubernetes deployments with lighter K8S distributions (K8S single server?)

  • Testing Harmony to deploy OpenedX. Positive feedback was provided.


Harmony project updates: Review the list of PRs and issues, and assign anything un-assigned.

Open discussion/questions, if any.

  • The Large Instances meeting rescheduling is still being discussed (This comes from @Gábor Boros request in the last meeting). Max mentioned it would be convenient for him to have the meeting earlier. Find the links to the related poll below.

  • Grove from OpenCraft allows you to bring up sandboxes when applying changes to an OpenedX installation. Should we consider such a feature for Harmony? Would this help the adoption of Harmony in production installations?

Chat log

00:29:46 Gábor Boros: I have to leave 👋 It was nice to meet you! 00:29:53 Moisés González: Have a nice week 00:31:12 Felipe Montoya: 00:35:43 Jeremy Bowman: