Resetting ORA submissions


This proposal seeks to enable learners to reset their ORA submissions in order to allow them to submit the work again and reduce the workload on the course staff.


There are potentially 2 problems we can address with this proposal

  • #1. When using ORA problems for staff assessment, learners can submit their work once, and if they need to do it again for some reason, even before it has been reviewed, they need to ask the course staff to reset the status of the learner for that activity.

  • #2. In some cases, after the staff has assessed the work and provided feedback, they may want to allow the user to resubmit their work with improvements. This could be made easier if they didn´t have to manually reset the student submission and it would be better if the feedback received in the first submission was not completely erased.

Use cases:

For problem #1.

  • As a learners I submitted my work, but then realized I can improve it, so I currently have to politely request the course staff to reset the problem for me, so that I can submit my work again.

  • As an instructor, I need learners to be able to resend their work, in order to avoid the administrative burden of them reaching out to me and requesting that the initial submission is manually deleted in order to submit it again.

  • As a learner, I want to be able to resend my work in cases where the submission period is still active and my submission has not been graded by anyone yet.

For problem #2:

  • As an instructor, I have reviewed and assessed the work of a learner, but I want to give them a chance to improve their work, allowing them to resubmit and not lose the feedback provided in the first submission.



  • Supporting market data: We presented this proposal in the educators working group and built a survey to collect feedback. here are the results:

Proposed solution:

The initial approach is address problem #1 by allowing a learner to reset their submission when the following conditions are met:

  • the ORA activity was specifically configured to allow resubmissions

  • the responses schedule still allows new responses to be submitted

  • the current submission has not been added to the grading pool or graded by anyone

  • the current submission is not marked as "being graded" by any course staff member

We could optionally also implement the time for the grace period as a setting of the specific ORA problem, but the implications regarding how and when submissions are added to the grading pool are still being explored by the team.


  • Include any UX/UI designs


proposed UI


proposed UI

Studio. when setting the ORA component


Learner, when allowed to reset their submission


Other approaches considered:

  • What other approaches did you consider and why won’t they work?


Competitive research:

  • How do Canvas/Moodle/Coursera solve this problem?

Moodle has the following options for assignment submissions:

For problem #1:

Allow deleting: If enabled, students may delete uploaded files at any time before submitting for grading.

For problem #2:

Enable 'Send for marking' button: Where grading is enabled, the "Send for marking" button allows students to indicate to the teacher that they have finished working on an assignment. The teacher may choose to revert the assignment to draft status (if it requires further work, for example).

Proposed plan for any relevant usability/UX testing

Once this proposal gets cleared for development, we plan to produce a low resolution interactive prototype and perform a few tests with users to validate for clarity and effectiveness.

Plan for long-term ownership/maintainership

edunext is commited to build and contribute this work as part of the unidigital (spanish government) project. As part of that commitment, edunext would commit to maintain the feature for a minimum of 2 years and after that, either find a suitable maintainer to hand it over to, or to follow a the deprecation procedure in case the feature has any inconvenience or its maintenance is a burden that no one can carry.

Open questions for rollout/releases

We’d like reviewers of this document to weigh in about the problem #2. How to deal with resets when the work has already been assessed by staff and the goal is to give the learners a second chance to submit and improve their work.