Agenda, December 20th, 2023

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Open edX Marketing Discussion


  • Open edX conference use cases and sponsorship opportunities. 0:00

    • Unknown speaker discusses living in Spain and Germany, while Speaker 1 discusses the Open edX conference and call for proposals.

    • Providers asked to reach out to clients with use cases for Open edX conference track.

    • Speaker 5 inquires about the availability of the proposed keynote speaker for a pre-conference meetup.

  • Conference planning, marketing, and visa support. 7:14

    • Speaker 2 suggests contacting Professor X to see if she's interested in conducting a virtual presentation for the conference, as she's a professor at Stellenbosch University and the conference will take place there.

    • Speaker 1 confirms that Professor X has not been contacted about the conference and will double-check to avoid any confusion.

    • Speaker 1 discusses a Google ads campaign for a conference, with a focus on targeting technology hubs in Africa.

    • Organization plans to co-sponsor Learning Technologies conference with 10-12k attendees, larger than previously thought.

  • Sponsorship for tech conference with package options. 15:24

    • Speaker 3 discusses options for sponsorship packages, including costs and benefits.

    • Speaker 3 suggests using a 116 square meter booth location between two theaters to maximize foot traffic.

    • Esteban suggests optional conference tickets for team members, as some may not find it relevant.

  • SEO and content optimization for Open edX platform. 23:22

    • Open edX platform video created to increase conference ticket conversions.

    • Strategy to link videos to articles via UTM parameters finalized, with ongoing monitoring of video campaign performance.

    • Stefania proposes rebranding Open edX as Open edX LMS for clarity, but trademark agreement complicates logo change.

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  • Open edX Conference 2024- Help spread the word!

  • Next external conference to attend -who is interested in joining?:

    • Exhibition costs: (Open edX will cover $5K of booth expense)

    • RG confirmed participation as co-sponsor

    • 6x bigger than OEB Global, one of the biggest E-learning events, major LMS providers will participate

  • Next Open edX meetup:

  • OKR Review (starting at item 1): OKR´S MWG