2023-09-18 Educators WG



Date and Time

Monday, September 18, 1pm EST | 5pm UTC

Meeting Minutes

Alexandria Hsun Yen from The PostDoc Academy will give short presentation about a "personalized emails" experiment and its effect on student engagement and completion for a course of 1,200 students.

  • 03:30 - Research Project Introduction

  • 07:56 - Experiment Setup

    • Hyper-Personalized Nudge Emails (HPNEs) were delivered to an experimental group of approx 700 student during a 6-week, instructor paced course. A control group received normal, generic nudge emails every Monday.

    • Emails were customized based on student pace and progress through the course. Encouragement was given based on where they were, and call-to-actions were added for where to go next.

    • Tone of voice was more personal and recipients were encourage to give any questions or feedback to the sender (in this case, Alex’s email).

  • 16:22 - Research Findings

    • HPNE’s appeared to increase participation by approx. 20% during the experimental run

    • HPNE’s increased participation mainly by pulling new non-participators into the course more effectively than the generic nudge emails:


    • HPNE’s did not significantly increase completion.

  • 22:00 - The Week 5 Story: A Lesson in messaging

    • Week 5 saw a significant decrease in the effectiveness of HPNEs, mainly due to the fact that it failed to pull in new non-participators as other weeks had.

    • The team hypothesizes this is due to messaging. Week 5 messaging focused on flexibility and having “extra time” to complete a dense module. This messaging was not effective in drawing non-participators into the course.


  • 26:08 - Q&A

  • 38:19 - Guided Discussion Begins

    • POLL: How important are completion rates to you.


    • Every student in your course (an enrollment) has a different learner profile

    • It can be helpful to think about these profiles in learner archetypes

    • What we care about is “Meaningful learning”

      • Shira F: Completion rates are easy to measure. “Meaningful Learning” is a more difficult metric.

      • Meaningful learning is also more difficult to communicate.

        • I.e. Open edX shifting the conversation away from completion rates has been challenging

        • I.e. Proof of ROI (i.e. for grant-funding) is difficult to prove without completion rates.

  • 49:00 “Blender” Dashboard demonstration from Campus.il

    • Encouraging teacher interventions in a blended learning environment by providing signals and insights about their students

    • Feedback on the dashboard from educators and creators is encouraged. Survey and other details will be posted in Slack.