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The sixth Open edX release.  Please add information here that will be useful when it comes time to package the release.

New Services & Major Upgrades Planned for This Release

What new products, applications, services, etc have we built since Eucalyptus?

  • The following repositories now use ESLint with eslint-config-edx to enforce a JavaScript coding style:
    • edx-platform
    • edx-ui-toolkit
    • ux-pattern-library
    • edx-analytics-dashboard

Installation changes

  • Two installations: devstack and native
  • Native now installs ecommerce and programs

Deployment Issues to Keep in Mind

What has changed in the devops/configuration world? Are there manual steps needed to move from Eucalyptus to Ficus?

  • Mongo will be upgraded to at least 3.0 and will switch to using the Wired Tiger storage engine.  This storage engine will not transparently read MMAPv1 files from 2.6 and will require a dump/restore most likely.
  • Migrations will need to be faked for projects that use the Python Social Auth package. This includes all of our IDAs. See for complete details.
  • In reference to;  "migrate-009-comment_thread-author-created_at-indexes.js" needs to be run to create newly added index.
  • Forums are now configured with a ConfigurationModel (Toby did the work). There should need to be no special action taken.
  • NodeJS will be upgraded to 6.9.2 LTS. There should be no special action necessary.
  • Ansible has been upgraded to version 2.2.

Monthly product notes

Any unusual things changed in the product that adopters or developers should know about?

  • Preview Language options changed from query parametes (preview-lang) to a form that requires login on LMS and Studio. This form can be found by appending /update_lang/ to the root URLs of either site.

Deprecated Features

  • The old login/registration flow has been deprecated, and is replaced by the Logistration pages.
  • Programs is still supported, but will be replaced in the next release (Ginkgo)

Ficus Fixes

Pull requests to cherry-pick onto Ficus:

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  1. Wait, isn't this release moving to Ubuntu 16.04 also? - Referencing Ned Batchelder's comment on: Native Open edX Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit Installation

    1. Yes, it will be on 16.04.  This page is a work in progress.

      1. Any more info on the 16.04 transition? - Like a running PR and issue? - Might be able to contribute something (time permitting)

        1. This is the work-in-progress pull request:  Devops is going to separate this out into separate PRs for each application by next week.

          1. Cool, subscribing. Wait you're nedbat from IRC? - Great! (big grin)

  2. Ned Batchelder Is the ElasticSearch 1.5 upgrade going ahead for the forums service? We'd love to see that, since it broadens our ElasticSearch hosting options.

    1. Sorry Jillian Vogel.  This will be coming in the next release after Ficus.  If you wish to discuss in more detail, we could also use #forums in Slack.

      1. No worries, Robert Raposa!  Glad to know it's coming (smile).

  3. When will the first version of Ficus be released?

    Thanks. I've read that it was delayed to January.

    1. We're very close to a final release. Sorry it's taken so long.

      1. Thanks for your reply (smile)
        Can't wait XD

      2. Are we still on target for a release on 15 Feb?

        1. We will not have a final Ficus tomorrow, but we are aiming to release an RC4 that could very well be the final version, given a few days to let people test it.

  4. With the Logistration flow, is it now time to close this old issue? - OPEN-507 - Getting issue details... STATUS