2024-05-01 Meeting notes


May 1, 2024


  • @Gabriel Weinberg



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Design tokens

@Gabriel Weinberg
CC:@Kaleb Davenport

  • Looking for status from Axim/Raccoon Gang on timing for merging alpha into master

  • @Brian Smith

    • Current todo list for that part of the design tokens project includes the following bullets

      • Component updates:

        • What’s involved?

          • Styles need to be migrated.

          • Anything 2U can do to help (e.g., QA)?

            • Brian will communicate in PWG with PRs for QA on edx.org theme, etc.

        • Update Pagination

        • Update Chip Components

      • “Other components needing upgrade” (with a note of “write a list of the known components”)

      • Platform/Build PRs need to be near ready to merge before…

      • Publish alpha as 23.0.0

      • Update readme

    • General timeline?

      • Funded Contribution is funded / work is scoped.

      • Not quite. Not until we know how many more components need to be updated.

Theme “tweaks”

@Brian Smith

https://github.com/openedx/paragon/issues/3038 (I think this is more of a feature request than a bug)

  • @Brian Smith will fix bug so search button respects scss vars link

  • @Brian Smith will respond on issue with instructions to use scss var


Sheet component min-width

@Brian Smith


Max set in design - might be for mobile

Design question: remove constraint when not on mobile? @Gabriel Weinberg to find context on decision

Max width %? Min width px? How to ensure it isn’t acting as a modal.

@Gabriel Weinberg to do a bit of exploration


Badge inside button

@Brian Smith


No clear answers come to mind. Will continue conversation async on issue. Make sure any solutions don’t break width logic.


Checkbox in Menu Clickability

@Brian Smith

Make the whole thing clickable - make sure cursor updates to show it is clickable





 Action items