[BD-14] Blockstore Powered Content Libraries & Taxonomies

Initiative Summary

Content libraries have the potential to offer course teams the ability to create course content in an instructed manner within the CMS. Today, educators reference content from libraries using the randomized content block. This component randomly displays content from a library in the course. At this time, educators cannot reference specific content from a library in a lesson or chapter. As a result, the most common use of content libraries are in assessments. Educators use libraries as a problem bank – they author collections of problems outside of the course authoring process to be used in their course.

The aim of the Content libraries and Editing initiative is to expand upon this existing functionality and allow course teams the ability to select content from an unstructured content library and embed that content into a course. Thus bring a flexible new way to author content without committing to course structure in Studio. Additionally,  this ability to reference specific library content in courses enables new sub-team authoring workflows, unlocks content reuse for course variants, etc.

With the updates to Content Libraries, Course teams will now interact with a new problem and video editor. The UI updated to the problem and video editor will not only facilitate a better authoring experience for Course teams but will also elevate technical limitations associated with the new unstructured content authoring experience. 


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