2021-07-14 Meeting notes


Jul 14, 2021


  • @Marco Morales (Deactivated)

  • @Awais Jibran (Deactivated)

  • @Asad Azam

  • @Jon F


Blockers / Status as Necessary

Milestone Grooming


Discussion topics










Status / Blockers


  • OpenCraft → v1.7 requirements in review / discovery now

    • early ideas to be shared soon in preparation for an ADR

  • edX Dev → looking for test credentials for each integration provider (Kshitij to share)

  • edX UX → in progress v1.11/ v1.12 tickets with Miro + Figma links. epics reassigned to Opencraft for future discovery


Test Courses

EdStem → https://studio.stage.edx.org/course/course-v1:edX+E1+2021

Yellowdig → https://studio.stage.edx.org/course/course-v1:edX+Y1+2021

Piazza → https://studio.stage.edx.org/course/course-v1:edX+P1+2021

Inscribe → https://studio.stage.edx.org/course/course-v1:edX+I1+2021

(Also shared slack channel exists for Yellowdig for support + coordination. TBD on other groups for support process / escalation path)


Milestone Grooming / Review


v1.3 -

v1.4 -

v1.5 -

v1.6 -

v1.7 - In Discovery: OpenCraft

  • come code exists in the learning-MFE (used for verified upsells currently)

  • mechanism for linking course structure to a discussion topic id / area is also in discovery

  • mapping this unit to topic linking with new settings available in discussions app configuration is also in discovery.

  • need unit storage for in-context discussion (Default value?)

  • exploring course publish hook / mechanism to check discussions settings and update discussion configuration when new structure is created / edited / deleted.

  • some value in unit-specific discussions mapping for attributability of reported issues down to a specific unit page. (even if course is grouping conversation at a higher level)

  • some open questions too about abandoned / edited / removed discussion topic areas and what to do with these.

  • In the future there is a general purpose sidebar concept, some of this right be tight up in a future Open edX theme epic: https://openedx.atlassian.net/browse/TNL-7294

v1.8 - In Discovery: edX

  • edx to connect with kshitij here on approach, edx has started initial discovery here as well.

  • edx team met with AJ - eng lead for team that owns the program progress page.

  • Marco gathering list of programs + masters that will be interested in enabling this feature

    • open next steps on what this might look like in Masters, Marco + Jon to connect in the future

  • more detail to be reviewed in tomorrow’s standup

  • Program Progress page Link: https://courses.edx.org/dashboard/programs

Action items

No action items from this meeting