2021-09-15 Meeting notes


Sep 15, 2021


  • @Jon F

  • @Asad Azam

  • @Kshitij Sobti

  • @Jeremy Ristau

  • @Awais Jibran (Deactivated)

  • @Michael Leary

  • @Piotr Surowiec

Discussion topics







8-8:15 EST

Milsetone Updates

v1.4 (@Kshitij Sobti):

  • Code review work is going well now after a round of feedback

  • In Progress item is going back and forth internally, aiming for end of week delivery

  • TODO ticket should be picked up next week

  • @Awais Jibran (Deactivated): Do we need to add a ticket for the API enabling infinity to turn on in frontend?

    • This change will be included in TNL-8702

v1.5 (@Awais Jibran (Deactivated)):

  • TNL-8700 seems blocked, @Jeremy Ristau should help with unblocking this.  

  • TNL-8667 got mockups, so it is good to go.

v1.6 (@Kshitij Sobti):

  • Several PRs open: adding posts, editing posts, reply to post, changing sanitization for XSS.

    • XSS work has gone back and forth about the changes that it introduces to post styling (mobile vs desktop)

    • Once these move, new MFE may be in an MVP state

  • Comment pagination is complex in scope, currently in progress.

v1.7 (@Kshitij Sobti):

  • TNL-8621 will bring in some new settings to segment the discussions frontend from the modulestore backend using a model.

  • New discussions API does not have a ticket yet, ADR was just approved. @Kshitij Sobti will create one soon.

  • @Kshitij Sobti needs to do discovery around the use case of “course has legacy discussion block added, then switches to new discussions experience.”

v1.8 (@Asad Azam):

  • When the two in progress tickets are done, most of the v1.8 functionality will be complete.  TODO tickets are extras afterward.

8:15-8:30 EST

Blockers / Issues / Clarity Discussion

The team has had a few confusions around where designs exist.  Can we have a single place where we go to get all the info necessary (Figma, decisions, etc).

  • @Jon F - Its always Figma, see the label “FINAL HIFI VERSION”

  • @Jon F - Mockups may be scattered, but Miro has been deprecated.  Figma is the place to go for the rest of this project.

“Teams UI” UX review will be coming from @Jon F (including feedback from Mat C/Sapana). 

  • A ticket will be created containing subtasks related to updates that need to be done.  

  • Tickets will be assigned to @Kshitij Sobti to fix, then reassigned back to @Jon F for final review.

Action items

@Jeremy Ristau will follow up on trying to unblock TNL-8700


  • Figma is the place to go for the rest of this project for all UI/UX guidance