2023-02-07 DevExp Meetup Notes

Feb 7, 2023


Please be advised: DevExp Working Group meetings are recorded.

Link: https://tcril-org.zoom.us/rec/share/t-u8MYHGA75gzKZFYgi-hre0vjSDLwAbnjzj2xOCmrNoyM3wr2InycfG_ZVsFJdq.-VA57gEHiUAgjunz


Meeting captain: @Rebecca Graber - 2u

Notetaker: @Kyle McCormick - tCRIL

@Jeremy Bowman - 2U

@Pierre Mailhot - EDUlib

@Ghassan Maslamani (Zaat.dev)

@Connor Haugh - 2U

@Maria Fernanda Magallanes Z - eduNEXT

@Farhaan Bukhsh - OpenCraft

Discussion topics






@Rebecca Graber Kafka in Tutor

Cross Pollination

  • Tools/features/opportunities

  • Tips and tricks

  • Roadmap news


  • Each challenge should have a follow up action.

  • If you have an idea for follow up actions, add it.

  • Or if you aren’t sure, leave it blank.

  • We’ll discuss all actions either way.

  • Your Name

    • Your Item of Challenge to Share

    • Idea for Follow Up Action

  • Jeremy Bowman

    • Anecdotally, a lot of people are dissatisfied with devstack. But we don’t have a good list of the problems for remediation or comparison with alternatives.

    • Define some location for capturing these with low barrier to participation. Do we just want to use devstack repo issues and curate from there, or would a Confluence page or such work better?

    • Lots of discussion (see recording). Some notes:

      • general agreement with the sentiment

      • tutor is quicker out of the box

      • devstack takes longer to get working, but seems fine when you know what you’re doing

      • issues are different depending on what you’re working on

        • ex: becca needed libraries installed & certain microservices running. that was easier in devstack. But tutor might work better when you’re not working on those things

      • Ghassan: unlike tutor, devstack is less production-like. How can you be sure that your changes work once you’ve made them in devstack?

      • Jeremy: Operations and development are completely different when you’re using k8s at scale for prod and devstack/tutor for development.

  • Rebecca

    • Time

      • +1

  • Kyle

    • We do “sprints” in this working group. Does anyone find those helpful or nah?

    • I want to keep github-based requirements out of edx-platform except for specific circumstances (security & upgrades – both temporary). Curious if folks have any ideas. CODEOWNERS on github.in maybe?

  • Jeremy Bowman

    • Insufficient teams to fully parallelize work on DevExp tasks that could be done in parallel.

    • Is there an opportunity for a BC/FC project here?

      • BC/FC = blended contribution / funded contribution = 2U / tcril contract work

      • Jeremy: Developer data is a potential blended project, or maybe BTR?

      • Kyle will be writing up a statement of work for upgrading frontend frameworks in edx-platform


Meeting captain: Transpose action items into the “Action Item” section below.


  • DevExp wins!


  • Your Name

    • Your Item of Success to Share

  • Kyle

    • Working with arbi-bom to destroy edx-platform’s github.in requirements file. Over halfway done. By the time we’re doing we’ll have removed 30+ seconds from the edx-platform build time, 60+ if you include the development variant of the image.

  • Mafer


Suggested Action Items

0-2 minutes:

Last Time:

@Rebecca Graber share dev feature doc more widely
@Rebecca Graber and @Jeremy Bowman share devstack pain points doc/process, wherever it ends up living

This Time:


Meeting captain: Move any remaining action item’s to next week’s minutes.

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