2023-04-19 Data WG Meeting notes


Apr 19, 2023


  • @Brian Mesick

  • @Cristhian Garcia

  • @Edward Zarecor

 Discussion topics









5 min

Funded contribution updates

@Brian Mesick

  • Google Analytics 4 is moving along, first PRs merged, will back port to Palm as well as Olive

  • Redis event bus has merged producer and consumer, working on configuration, docs, and Tutor plugin

  • Feelers are out for contractors for OARS data modelling work

10 mins

OARS updates

@Brian Mesick

  • Lots of cleanup from the big conference push

  • Thanks to Cristhian and Maria from EduNEXT!

  • dbt prototyping work started

15 mins

Graded Discussions

@Edward Zarecor

  • A long time interest in the community has been to have credit associated with discussions participation.

  • There’s a roadmap ticket for it and some current projects need this feature.

  • Brian has proposed that we avoid pulling analytics into grading, but…

  • Would summarizing discussions participation via events as input into a discussion grade be a good path forward?

  • One advantage is potentially making graded discussions more easily available beyond a specific forum implementation.

  • Another advantage would be not implementation a “tallying” system in the comments services.


Ideas for future work


We’ve got OARS and the funded work in progress, and tracking log event cleanup / formalization coming this year. What else should Data be looking at for the future? Are there pain points in the platform that we should tackle? Deprecation of MongoDB and/or memcached? Moving from MySQL to PostgreSQL? What’s on your mind?

 Action items