2023-01-17 xAPI Breakout Meeting notes


Jan 17, 2023


  • @Brian Mesick

  • @Julien Maupetit

  • @Quitterie Lucas

  • Baradat Wilfried


  • A draft plan for a tracking log <-> xAPI converter as a package that can be installed for event-routing-backends and Ralph, that allows custom extension and overriding by site operators who want to track different events, or generate different statements.

  • A draft plan for dealing with actor identification/de-identification. Allowing settings to decide which identifier to use seems like a smart way to go, but I'm not clear how that would work with tracking log file replay.

  • A decision on whether we want to make this an ongoing sub-group of Data WG, and/or whether regular meetings make sense going forward.

 Action items

@Brian Mesick and @Zia Fazal are going to spend more time looking at the Ralph/Pydantic implementation and try to get an understanding of how to work with it and the amount of work it would take to get it to parity with what event-routing-backends already supports.
There is an open question about whether we Ralph would want to support Caliper transforms as well, and implementation details about how transformation packages would be versioned between Caliper / xAPI in that case.
@Julien Maupetit @Quitterie Lucas and Baradat Wilfried are going to look at how they might be able to unify the actor id in Ralph, such that events will have the same actor even if the original tracking log rows have username/or user id. This is made difficult by there not currently being a way for Ralph to get the desired actor identifier from the LMS if it’s not already in the log.