2023-06-14 Meeting notes


Jun 14, 2023


  • @Brian Mesick

  • @Julien Maupetit

  • @Quitterie Lucas

  • @Zia Fazal

  • Wilfried Baradat

  • @Jill Vogel

 Discussion topics









5 min

Funded Contribution Updates

@Brian Mesick

  • Redis Bus is still winding down, lots of discussion on the ADR for event production configuration and related work

  • Navin made core contributor!

  • Initial schema work and first-pass enrollment reports for OARS should be landing this week

    • Most of the work has been focused on getting performance where we want it to be on larger datasets

20 mins

Cairn + OARS

@Brian Mesick

  • Project merge is a WIP, but we have general agreement on direction and feature set

  • We’re looking for a new name to make it clear that this is a somewhat different thing than either of the two projects. Leaning toward “Aspects” / “Aspect Learner Analytics”. Thoughts?

  • Repos will be consolidated on tutor-contrib-oars (which will be renamed)

  • Both xAPI and tracking log pipelines will be supported

  • Both LRS (Ralph) and log-based (Vector) pipelines will be supported

  • Will be looking to expand Régis' CC rights to become a maintainer on the repo

  • Announcement coming soon, once the name is nailed down

10 mins

OARS update

@Brian Mesick

  • Work is close to landing for bulk tracking log file → xAPI (and Caliper) replay to LRS or file or log

  • PRs in flight for combining the numerous existing repos

  • Superset permissions meeting coming up once Palm is done

  • Discussions on extensibility and how to handle migrations for the top level (non-dbt) schema

  • Cristian made core contributor!

20 mins

Data WG meeting format

@Brian Mesick

Is this format working for folks? It seems less like a WG and more like me giving status updates most of the time. The folks working on OARS have been communicating out of band and in another meeting about technical details, would it be better to pull that into this or is that too low level?

 Action items

@Brian Mesick write skeleton documentation so we can begin fleshing things out. We will need to update the “getting started” docs, but also want high level architecture and data flow / pipeline docs.
@Brian Mesick look into Caliper recertification. edX handled this in the past, it seems to require some kind of formal relationship with 1EdTech, I’ll ask around Axim to see if anyone knows


  1. General approval for a version of “Aspects” for the name
  2. Meeting format to change such that people with tasks can do a standup in the later part of the meeting