2023-07-26 Meeting notes


Jul 26, 2023


  • @Brian Mesick

  • @Cristhian Garcia

  • @Julien Maupetit

  • @Zia Fazal

  • @Edward Zarecor

  • @Vincent Laberge

  • @Igor Degtiarov



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5 min

Funded Contribution updates

@Brian Mesick

  • BI contractor Rory is back for a few more weeks!

  • Redis Bus contract is still crawling toward completion

30 mins

Aspects Updates

@Brian Mesick

Some highlights, this isn’t even close to everything…

  • We’re pushing toward a Beta 1 with fully functional (no cat 1 or 2 bugs) pipelines for Ralph and Vector ingestion, Operator Dashboard, and limited Instructor Dashboard, tested at a scale of 300 million xAPI events.

  • Operator Dashboard has landed, thanks to @Cristhian Garcia !

  • Forum events are starting to land, thanks to @Zia Fazal !

  • Docs are starting to land, thanks to @Cristhian Garcia !

  • Thorny issues with multi-question submissions are being worked on by @Jill Vogel !

  • @rory sawyer has made a ton of progress on the Instructor dashboard and reports, but they won’t make sense to demo until we fix a couple of issues

  • @rory sawyer and I are working with ClickHouse support to squeeze every bit of performance we can out of the schema, and get their feedback on our preferred permissions scheme (we may have found a bug in their role-based permissions )

  • @Cristhian Garcia is working on getting everything, including Vector, working in k8s with all of our recent changes

  • @Cristhian Garcia built out automated testing, version bumping, and release of tutor-contrib-aspects!

  • OpenFUN gracefully accepted my PR to update how Ralph handles duplicate xAPI statements even though I always mess up their Changelog

15 mins

Aspects Product Proposal

@Brian Mesick

  • Jenna has gathered community input and use cases, as will be presenting a Product Proposal for Aspects at the next Data WG meeting in 2 wks (2023-08-09)!

  • Nothing I’ve seen so far conflicts with the work we’ve been doing, no work should be thrown away

  • The scope of v1 will likely increase to include additional reports using data sources we already have, and some work on embedding Superset data back into the LMS (to support at-risk learner reporting if nothing else)

  • Some ideas to get data and embed iframes in the LMS are proposed here https://github.com/eduNEXT/aspects-superset-aside/pull/2

  • This may require one or more funded contributions to move the project along, we’ll all know more next week!

 Action items

@Brian Mesick to talk to Axim legal about compliance warning on the project repo and docs (we are more compliant than Insights)
@Brian Mesick Beta user list is being compiled