2023-05-17 Data WG Meeting notes


May 17, 2023


  • @Brian Mesick

  • @Edward Zarecor

  • @Jill Vogel

 Discussion topics









5 mins

Funded contribution updates

@Brian Mesick

  • Google Analytics 4 is done!

  • redis bus is (still) nearly done!

  • Rory Sawyer, our BI consultant, started Mon!

10 mins

OARS updates

@Brian Mesick

  • Event sink work is merged, course data can be bulk dumped to ClickHouse and will stay up to date in real-ish time as courses are published

  • v1 code issues are winding down, focus is becoming more on data quality, security, performance, and reports

  • Tracking logs on the event bus are in the works

  • Get your opinions in to Jenna for future reporting ideas! Especially site admins, what do you need for effective monitoring / alerting?

15 mins

OARS v2 ideation


A big chunk of v2 is exposing Superset data/charts in LMS. What do you want to see, and where?

Are there other areas we already know need work?

Are there things in the tracking logs or events in the LMS that we should capture?


Life beyond OARS


What’s next? How do we make the Open edX data story competitive with other LMSs? How can this group of people help move the community forward?

 Action items