2023-01-11 Data WG Meeting notes


Jan 11, 2023

Reminder: Start the recording!

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Passcode: 8.HD8VhN


  • @Brian Mesick

  • @Edward Zarecor

  • @Jenna Makowski

  • @John Baldwin

  • @Quitterie Lucas

  • @Julien Maupetit

  • @Igor Igor

  • @Andy Shultz (Deactivated)

  • @Sergio Sim

 Discussion topics









1 min

Zoom meeting ownership


Can @Brian Mesick get ownership of the meeting? Really just a note to talk to Ed.

  • Event transferred

  • Still need to deal with the Zoom meeting.

10 min

New Data Roadmap!

Special guest star and brand new Core Contributor @Jenna Makowski

5 min

FC-0008 reminder

@Brian Mesick

  • Redis bus proposals are due in 3 wks

15 min

xAPI sub-group?

@Brian Mesick

  • Work on event-routing-backends and Ralph is progressing, but the xAPI implementations have a risk of diverging.

  • There are already some material differences (ex: the valuable anonymized actor ids in e-r-b) that break compatibility.

  • We have outstanding questions about the edX profile, with more likely to come up as development continues.

  • Should we set up a sub-group (or separate group or fixed set of meetings) to work on the problem of maintaining a consistent implementation of events as they get added and be our subject matter experts?

5 min

ERDs and other diagrams

@Edward Zarecor

  • I’d like to have consistently up-to-date visualizations of the Open edX data model.

  • There’s this ticket,

  • Major data model change management thoughts

 Action items

@Brian Mesick to set up a meeting to kick off xAPI discussions invitees: @Zia Fazal @Quitterie Lucas @Julien Maupetit and Wilifried Baradat (not on Confluence?)