2023-08-17 Frontend Working Group Meeting Notes


Aug 17, 2023


  • Host: @Adolfo Brandes

  • @Jeremy Bowman (Deactivated)

  • @Fox Piacenti

  • @Ben Warzeski (Deactivated)

  • @Brian Smith

  • @Jason Wesson



Please be advised: Frontend Working Group meetings are recorded.

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 Discussion topics









5 min

Moving packages from @edx to @openedx

@Adolfo Brandes

Which of these should we move? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13hAbxdVrUC9eQuEDqJyQ0tdnab1x6niLOrKf6ViOvWg/edit#gid=0

  • Can we leverage release.yaml to automate this?

  • Knowledge sharing with 2U Inc about NPM situation

5 min

@openedx piral version npm suffix?

@Adolfo Brandes

What should we suffix experimental npm packages with? What should the version be?

  • Instead of just “-alpha”, “-piral-alpha”, using the next major version

  • For MFEs/pilets themselves:

    • They’re not published to NPM right now anyway

    • We’re likely publishing to and consuming them from S3, so not a big concern

5 min

Reorganizing OEP-11

@Adolfo Brandes


5 min

Ditching Zoom

@Adolfo Brandes

There’s been backlash at the new TOS, and I feel like instead of imposing it on our WG members, we should move to another provider. Likely Google Meet, but I’m taking suggestions.

10-15 min


@Ben Warzeski (Deactivated)

Open, stable PRs against multiple Repos both using and not using typescript, with working CI. What are next steps to getting the alpha branch of frontend-build merged to master?

importing but not using TS:

importing and using:

  • Ben suggests using for Typescript tests

5-10 min

Automated a11y testing

@Jeremy Bowman (Deactivated)

We stopped using pa11ycrawler and Selenium tests using axe-core, intending to choose better tools later. Where are we now, and what are next steps?

  • I hear there’s some form of a11y linter for MFEs; is it being used?

    • @Ben Warzeski (Deactivated) suggests doing a11y testing at the integration level (when react-testing-library is likely invoked)

  • 2U’s a11y and QA people plan to start talking about this soon, does anyone have recommendations or want to be actively involved?

5 min

Frontend plugins

@Jason Wesson

  • 2U wants to use plugins for Learner Home/Dashboard

  • Jason (Aperture team) and Vanguards team has taken upon themselves to see this through

    • New ADR on frontend-platform on how to handle iframe failure; not have that fallback method exist in frontend-platform, but have the MFE handle it

    • JS tubular configuration PR

 Action items

@Adolfo Brandes has agreed to share knowledge with 2U on NPM publishing, when pinged


  1. We’ll move to Google Meet starting next meeting
  2. We’ll start talking about trying out open source meeting tools going forward