2023-09-28 Frontend Working Group Meeting Notes


Sep 28, 2023


  • @Adolfo Brandes

  • @Brian Smith

  • @Cindy Nguyen

  • @Felipe Montoya

  • @Jeff Witt (Deactivated)

  • @Jesper Hodge

  • @Katrina Nguyen

  • @Kira Miller

  • @Marlon Keating

  • @Max Frank

  • @Mena Hassan


Please be advised: Frontend Working Group meetings are recorded.

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10 min

Status of the paragon.alpha migration.

Felipe Montoya

Not a presentation, but more an inquiry of what is the current status of this to understand if this might be available for the Quince release or what needs to be worked on before it is available.

  • It’s moving along, but unlikely to make it into the Quince release: even if it makes it into paragon@master, in addition to a new Paragon release, it will require all MFEs to actually start using it. If we want it in the R release, we need an epic owner for it, and contributors.

    • Brian Smith has tentatively offered to lead the epic once OEP-58 completes

    • Felipe Montoya graciously offered resources for the MFE upgrade effort

  • Links

5 min

MFE upgrades


  • The formatjs PR to frontend-build just merged!

  • React 17 and react-router-v6 are moving along

    • frontend-app-learning still pending

    • react-router-v6 issues with some MFES and Tutor; Brian Smith notes that such PRs should be tested against Tutor before merging

5 min

Frontend Pluggability Summit


See forum thread. The date is set for Wed, Oct 25, 14:00 UTC. It’s a 3-hour meeting. If you have ideas or proposals, make sure to prepare them beforehand.

5 min

MFEs and Quince


  • Learner Dashboard: needs a maintainer first; likely Axim

    • Will try to get it cleaned up for official Quince release

  • Communications: needs i18n fixes, work in progress (also, see Slack thread.)

 Action items

@Felipe Montoya and @Adolfo Brandes will work on fixing up Learner Dashboard and Communications for Quince