2023-11-15 Meeting notes


Nov 15, 2023




  • @Brian Mesick

  • @Chelsea Rathbun

  • @Quitterie Lucas

  • @Zia Fazal

  • @Igor Degtiarov

  • @Emad Rad

 Discussion topics









5 min

Funded contribution updates

@Brian Mesick

  • New ClickHouse / Superset expert in the works to do schema / performance review and security pass

    • Possibility to re-contract with Rory and/or add another person to work on reports as v1 requirements land

15 mins

Aspects product updates

@Chelsea Rathbun

  • Updates on stakeholder interviews, common themes, and plans to move Aspects forward
    Respondents so far:

    • Manage 100-400 courses on Open edX for 10-10k learners

    • Use analytic data to improve course content, assessments, enrollment rates, inter- and intra-course recommendations, and learner outcomes.

    • Current pain points: difficult to know where learner activity is happening in a course, identifying and targeting communication to at-risk learners

    • Commonly requested learner demographic data (geography, gender, age)

    • Commonly requested visualizations: heat maps, scatter plots.

    • Interesting requests: identifying common questions from forum posts, content/video segments that learners revisit

    • Some use cases may drive non-Aspects work.

  • @Igor Degtiarov raised “leaderboard” and “learner inactivity” reports for motivating learners.

10 mins

Aspects technical updates

@Brian Mesick

  • Localization is in, waiting for translations!

  • Load test tooling is being worked on to support large scale testing

  • Help text updates

  • Fixes to problem event parsing

20 mins

Event bus discussion pt 2

@Brian Mesick

  • Tracking events are coming to the the bus, @Cristhian Garcia has landed the first PR, one more to go

    • Then an additional PR for event-routing-backends / Aspects to be able to use it

  • Interesting conversation with WGU about using the bus for analytics

  • Hoping for a temperature check with a larger group about whether folks are interested in adopting the bus, and for what purposes

 Action items

@Igor Degtiarov to talk about what he learns at https://oeb.global/
@Brian Mesick to complete the Open edX xAPI profile, showing which concepts we use