June 4, 2024 Core Product meeting notes

Meeting Recording: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16t4lfBe7fzlqF3eJuW9CB3RmAymKHehS/view?usp=sharing




  • @Jenna Makowski

  • @Santiago Suarez

  • @Marco Morales

  • @Chelsea Rathbun

  • @Ali Hugo

  • @Sarina Canelake







Product Proposals - Board Review


Regular round robin to check on statuses of all in-progress reviews

Open edX Roadmap • openedx

Deprecating OpenCraft’s “Problem Builder” XBlock - add some functionality to Core Product assessment capabilities?


See this discussion for context.

Redwood touch base

@Chelsea Rathbun

I wanted to share links to the two boards the build test release working group is using for triaging bugs discovered during release testing for anyone in case they wanted to view the prioritization of bugs discovered. I can add these to the meeting notes as well. Thank you to the group for helping out during the testing period!


Action items:

@Ali Hugo to update the Product Review Process docs to include info about developing atop recent releases and clarifications on points of confusion she encountered
@Jenna Makowski to update the product proposal template
@Ali Hugo to finish up her release testing
@Sarina Canelake to update automation on the product board, and close old tickets
@Sarina Canelake to respond to Braden in the forum thread linked above