2024-03-19 CC Working Group Meeting Notes


Mar 19, 2024


  • @Adolfo Brandes

  • @Edward Zarecor

  • @Jorge Londoño

  • @Xavier Antoviaque

  • @Maria Grimaldi

  • @Chintan Joshi

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  1. Release Coordinator for Redwood: Jorge Londoño highlighted the need for a release coordinator for the Redwood release. Discussion about the role between the protocol group and BTR working group ensued. Adolfo Brandes mentioned @Peter Pinch volunteered for the role, with some reservations.

  2. Plug Ability Summit and Implementation Decision: Adolfo Brandes discussed a second Plug Ability Summit to decide on competing implementations for frontend communications. The goal was to decide which implementation to move forward with and if it could be included in the Redwood release.

  3. GitHub Milestones Proposal: Adolfo Brandes proposed using GitHub milestones in every repository for upcoming releases to better organize epics and tickets.

  4. Elephant Factor Increase and Core Contributors as Backup Reviewers: Discussion on increasing the "elephant factor" by expanding maintainers and the role of core contributors in reviewing pull requests. Emphasis on filling gaps where there is a lack of maintainers.

  5. Feedback and Iteration on Core Contributors' Sprint Check-ins and Retrospectives: Discussed the importance of gaining feedback through surveys to improve sprint check-ins and retrospectives. Mentioned a low response rate to the survey and the need to encourage more responses.

  6. Use of Slack vs. More Asynchronous Communication: Touched on the use of Otter for meeting transcriptions and the potential for working group hosts to decide on their transcription methods.

Action Items:

  • @Jorge Londoño to officially confirm Peter Pinch as the release coordinator for Redwood.

  • @Adolfo Brandes to further elaborate on the GitHub milestones proposal and potentially write an ADR.

  • Core contributors encouraged to respond to the survey for feedback on core contributor sprints and check-ins.

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