2024-04-16 CC Working Group Meeting Notes


Apr 16, 2024


  • @Jorge Londoño

  • @Adolfo Brandes

  • @Xavier Antoviaque

  • @Cassie Zamparini

  • @Andrés González

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Quick recap

The team discussed changes to streamline processes, such as increased robotics usage, asynchronous interactions, and improved communication methods like newsletters or forums. They reviewed project progress, addressing issues like the "elephant factor", adding contributors, and automating milestone tracking. Topics also included survey response rates, plugin development communication challenges, and decreased user issues potentially indicating improved implementations.


  1. Process Changes, Open edX Conference Talk Proposals, and Survey Results

    The team discussed potential changes to their meeting and reporting processes, including an increase in the use of robots and a shift towards asynchronous interactions. They also reviewed the number of talk proposals received, which was higher than the previous year. Lastly, they discussed the upcoming survey results and the possibility of cutting from the master earlier than planned, with a decision to be made at the next meeting on the 25th.

  2. New Metric, Measurement Improvements, and Processes

    Jorge proposed a new metric to measure community success and align team efforts, which was agreed to be further discussed in the next meeting. Adolfo suggested improving the current measurement mechanisms, while Xavier emphasized the importance of setting specific release dates to avoid past mistakes. The team also deliberated on the time-consuming processes of upgrading Tutor plugins and the creation of a sandbox, agreeing to allocate more time for these tasks. Lastly, it was noted that the product now owns the testing process and the development pipeline, facilitating testing in Tutor before finalization.

  3. Project Progress, Issues, and Contributions

    The team discussed the progress and issues of their project. Adolfo announced a post-release review to fix issues. Xavier noted changes in the project's focus and the contributions of Edx and Axim. Jorge confirmed the current status of the 'elephant factor' issue and highlighted the addition of new maintainers and core contributors. Adolfo proposed automating the Github milestone assignments and urged feedback on check-ins and retros. The team acknowledged the need for more responses to these feedback-gathering initiatives.

  4. Survey Response, Asynchronous Participation, and Communication

    Cassie reported a survey response rate of 29 out of 66. Jorge committed to ensuring his team responded, and Adolfo raised the topic of improving asynchronous participation. Adolfo and Xavier discussed the need for better communication, particularly regarding major decisions, and agreed on the use of their platform to share updates. Andrés was invited to share his perspective, which was found surprising by some of the decisions.

  5. Improving Plugin Communication Strategies

    Andrés and Adolfo discussed the challenges of communicating plugin developments to different stakeholders, emphasizing the need for a more targeted approach. Adolfo proposed a monthly newsletter or digest to share updates across various user groups, which Andrés agreed could be beneficial. Xavier confirmed that such a feature is under discussion with Cassie and Ali. Andrés also suggested creating a section in the forum to keep users updated on upcoming releases. They all recognized the need to find a more effective way to communicate changes and updates to various user groups.

  6. User Issues and Processes

    Xavier noted a decrease in user issues, but expressed uncertainty whether this was due to improved implementations or simply a shift in user behavior. Cassie proposed waiting for survey results to refine processes and tasks distribution within the community. Xavier agreed, highlighting the importance of well-documented processes for facilitating change.

This summary captures the essence of the discussion, the participants involved, and the decisions made during the Open edX Contributors Discussion meeting.

 Discussion topics

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