2024-05-14 CC Working Group Meeting Notes


May 14, 2024


  • @Jorge Londoño

  • @Xavier Antoviaque

  • @Edward Zarecor

  • @Cassie Zamparini

  • @Chintan Joshi

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Quick recap

The team discussed the need for help with MFE footer links and customizations. They also addressed the issue of increasing contributions from partners to meet the maintenance demands, with a focus on better estimating workload and providing more clarity on expected contributions. Lastly, they reviewed the community's recent project release, the ongoing survey about the call sprint check-in, and the use of Otter as a communication tool.


MFE Footer Links and Customizations

Xavier highlighted the need for help regarding MFE footer links and customizations. Ed suggested reaching out to Adolfo who is actively working with others on plugin slots and updating components. However, it was noted that Braden might have already answered a related question. It was agreed that the information would be included in the notes, with a mention for Ali to provide further insight.

Increasing Partner Contributions for Maintenance

Xavier and Ed discussed the need to increase contributions from partners to meet the maintenance demands. Xavier mentioned the significant gap from the target of 1020 full-time hours per month. Ed suggested a scheme to classify repositories into three levels of complexity to better estimate the workload. He planned to discuss this with Feanil and assess the uptake from people offering support for main maintenance. There was a mention of some pushback regarding a particular ticket, but the specifics were not clear.

Community Involvement and Transition of Roles

Ed agreed to take on additional responsibility and report back on it. There was a discussion about the need for more involvement from the community, with Xavier encouraging members to contribute more. The pair also talked about the transition of roles and responsibilities, and the need to provide more clarity on what is expected from contributors. Xavier mentioned that there had been some progress in getting core contributors to take on more review tasks, and that the maintenance project had seen an uptick in contributions. However, there were still some challenges to be addressed, such as the size of the poll request queue and the need for more visibility on the progress of tasks.

Project Release and Survey Discussion

Xavier, Ed, and Cassie discussed the community's recent project release, highlighting the group effort and organization involved. They also discussed the ongoing survey about the call sprint check-in, with Xavier expressing concern about the low response rate and the need to analyze the data. The team decided to give more urgency to the survey by setting a specific deadline. They also discussed the use of Otter as a communication tool, acknowledging its complexity and potential privacy issues, and agreed to postpone its resolution for later. No other significant topics were raised.

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