2022-06-21 - Product WG meeting notes


Jun 21, 2022


@Jenna Makowski

@Faqir Bilal

@Andrés González

@Dean Jay Mathew

@Xavier Antoviaque

@Santiago Suarez

@Matej Grozdanović

@Edward Zarecor

@Shira Fruchtman


@Samuel Paccoud


Agenda/Discussion Topics:


  • What is one thing you’d like for this WG to do/have as a goal?

Discussion - key takeaways from Lisbon brainstorming

  • Defining a core product offering

    • Systematically simplifying the default offering

  • Possible subgroups/focus areas

  • Coordinating across all working groups

  • Reducing unintentional duplication

  • Start small - focus on small, predictable, complete-able project

Running Notes:


What do we want this Working Group to do?

  • Define a clear Core Product Offering 

    • Provide clarity on what comes with a core Install and why

    • Eliminate noise, broken/obscure features

  • Choose a path for the product that works best for the community and set goals/targets/desired outcomes

  • Take a firm lead in product management across the ecosystem

  • Empower the community to own the project

  • Set clear parameters and framework for decision-making around product

  • Ensure product decisions are driven by user and market needs

  • Own a roadmap(s)

  • Facilitate collaboration on projects and reduce unintentional duplicative work


How do we want to work?

  • Iteratively

  • Immediately - prioritize small low effort/high ROI projects

  • Balance/don’t lose site of big picture strategy

  • Always incorporate/be driven by the point of view of the user



  • Need to define a governance model for the group

  • Model for decision-making, who makes decisions, what kinds of decisions, and when

Goals for next meeting: